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Updated – November 11th 2021 

Welcome to Youthful Arts Expressions (Y.A.E). We are very happy that you have chosen for your child/children to attend our workshops which provides them with the opportunity to perform, learn new performing arts skills, build confidence and socialise with new people. For you to ensure your child/children gains the best experience from our workshops,


Please read the following: 


All payments are to be made before the workshop or on the first day of the workshop the young person is signed up for. This is confirmation of their spot and it also makes it easier for our staff members when running the sessions. We do not want to be chasing parents at the end of the workshops, so please ensure this step is completed. We offer a sibling's discount, which will be deducted from your payment. Please ask a member of staff for the sibling’s discount code if you are signing up more than one child to a workshop. However if you are struggling with payments you can contact us and let us know and we will be more than happy to sort something out for you as we do not want the young people missing out on the workshops due to money being a barrier. 

We try to make our workshops as affordable as possible so that every young person can get involved. 

Further payments: 

If you have decided to pay in instalments, the remaining balance payment will need to be paid on the first day of the following month.



We do not force our young people to wear anything they are not comfortable with however we do expect our young people to come wearing comfortable but appropriate clothing. Please take into consideration that they will have to be able to move in these clothes as they will be doing drama, dance and singing. 

Items we recommend: 

-Jogging bottoms 

We do have company t-shirts which are available to purchase and this will be on sale at all workshops when in stock. They are £10 each and have the company logo on them. These can also be worn to sessions and shows.

Late to sessions: 

We expect all our young people to turn up to sessions on time. However, we understand that things do come up and we will take this into consideration. Please call on the number provided if you are going to be late, if you cannot call then we will accept a text message. Communication is key! 

If a young person is consistently late, this will be flagged up and it may affect the young person later when casting for shows. 

If a young person is more than 30 minutes late to a session without any communication from the parent or young person, they will not be allowed into the session and the payment for that session will not be refunded. This just allows the sessions to run smoothly especially at times when we are working towards a show. 

No show to sessions:

Again we understand that your young person may not be able to make every session we have during the term but all we ask is that you communicate this with us on the number provided or via email, Instagram direct message, whatever works for you as this really does help when planning sessions and putting on shows.. We ask for a 24 hours notice if the young person is not able to come to the session that they are signed up for. The reasoning in which we do this is so the staff members are aware of who will be in each session especially when it comes to preparing for a show every session counts and so this helps the sessions run smoother. If a 24 hour notice has not been sent through then we will have to charge a £5 fee for those who are paying per session and not for the term or pre-paid as this helps with compensation of the staffs time and the space that is being booked for us to use. This goes for any session whether online, face to face, one to one etc.

Late collection: 

We require all young people to be collected on time once the session is over. Any parents that are late to collect their child/children over 10 minutes will be charged a late fee of £5. This will continue to increase per every 10 minutes until the child/children is collected. This is so we can cover any staff that has to stay overtime and venue hire.  

Three strikes rule: 

In our sessions we have a three-strike rule which applies to our young people in the session. If a young person has been told to sit out of a singular session three times, then we will have to kindly ask them not to come back for the rest of the workshops. This does not mean they can never come back to the sessions altogether but just for the duration of the workshop they are booked onto. We do not tolerate disrespect and this condition is put in place to ensure that everyone follows the rules and understands the consequences to their actions. Hopefully we will never have to do this with any young people that walk through our doors. 

These are the terms and conditions of Youthful Arts Expressions, please respect what has been put in place, as it is all to make sure the sessions run smoothly and avoid any issues in the future.  

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