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Child protection policy:

Here at Youthful Arts Expressions, we ensure that:

  1. Each child is well looked after during the sessions

  2. All children are protected from harm

  3. All young people are in a safe environment

We believe that every staff member and volunteer has the responsibility to promote the welfare of all children and young people, to keep them safe and to practise ways that protect them during our workshops. Our duty is to deliver fun and productive performing arts workshops as well as looking about the wellbeing of each young person during the workshop.

We will give equal priority to keeping all young people safe regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, and religion. (Equality act 2010)

All staff members are dbs checked.

The aim of Y.A.E child protection policy is to promote good practise and to ensure that every young person is safe. This policy covers all children under the age of 18.

Y.A.E will meet the commitments of protecting the young people by listening and respecting them. Eboni Taylor will be the main point of contact if any young person is in danger and for any staff who needs to report anything back.

All staff must:

  1. Take time out to listen to every young person when they raise a cause for concern.

  2. Build professional and healthy relationships with the young people.

  3. Be a great role model.

  4. Make sure that anything which should be reported is reported back to Eboni Taylor who will then follow up this report.

  5. Always write up an incident report when necessary with the details of what occurred and how this was treated.


Incidents that must be recorded:

Any of these incidents needs to be recorded in as much detail as possible including, date, time and the session it took place.

  • If a young person hurts themselves during the session.

  • If a young person seems distressed in any way when arriving at their session or during the session.

  • If a young person seems to be sexually aroused by the staff’s actions. 


Responding to concerns about a child's welfare:

If a young person is displaying signs of discomfort during the sessions, as a staff member it is your responsibility to bring this to whoever is leading the sessions attention and make a note of this so you can monitor the situation. 

Take the young person aside and assist them during the session, do whatever it takes to make them feel comfortable again.

If a young person discloses information that may put the young person in harm or danger, report this immediately to Eboni Taylor and write this down in an incident form with the full details of what happened. Eboni Taylor will then take further action.


Preventing and responding to bullying

We have a zero tolerance bullying rule, if bullying is detected by any member of staff or a young person has reported bullying, the young person will immediately be told to not take part in the sessions, and this will be dealt with very seriously. It is important that the staff will hear both sides of the story and assess the situation very carefully, the staff member must also report this on an incident form as well and notify Eboni Taylor.

Recruiting the right people to volunteer or work with children:

All staff members have been dbs checked and so will any volunteer that would like to work with us. Y.A.E hires people who are suitable for the job and has the skills to lead and teach in the sessions. All staff members are also trained within the company and given the chance to prove that they can work with the company during their trial shift when first hired.

Codes of conduct for all staff and volunteers:

  • All staff must wear appropriate clothing or company uniform for their session.

  • All staff are required to wear a lanyard upon arrival of the session.

  • All staff must be respectful to one another.

  • All staff must display professionalism as soon as they enter the building with the young people, parents, and other staff members.

  • All staff must not use any foul language.

  • All staff must not use their phones during working hours until all young people are off the premises. (unless you are doing social media marketing)

  • All staff must know all the information of the workshop they are working on so if anyone has any questions they can answer confidently. 

Managing concerns about or allegations made against staff or volunteers:

If a member of staff has been reported by a young person or adult, this will be taken very seriously, and a meeting will have to be called straight away with the parents, the young person involved and the manager: Eboni Taylor. The staff member involved, and the manager will then have a meeting to discuss further options and what happens next. This will all be recorded on paper to keep track of what has been happening.

Managing concerns about or allegations made against a child or young person:

If a young person has reported another young person, this will be dealt with straight away with a staff member included. The staff member is to take the two young people out of the session and deal with whatever the issue is there and then. The parents will be notified straight away. If the issue cannot be solved or is a serious allegation, then this will be taken further to a meeting with both parents involved as well as the staff member that was present at the time.

Adult to child ratios for supervising children effectively:

At Y.A.E we follow the nspcc rules for safeguarding and the ratio of adult to child ratios. 

4 - 8 years - one adult to six children.

9 - 12 years - one adult to eight children.

13 - 18 years - one adult to ten children.

There are normally a minimum of two staff members present during each session which normally contains 15 young people, maximum: four staff members.

Taking, storing, and sharing photographs and images of children:

All footage taken during the sessions given we have the parent’s permission are stored on the company folder for promotion and social media marketing purposes and on the company’s phone for the safety of the young people to protect their identity. 


Keeping children safe online:

We do not have much control over what happens on social media between the young people, however if anything is brought to our attention during the sessions amongst the young people, this is when a staff member will get involved in the correct way. The staff member is to assess the situation by respecting the young persons privacy by not going on their phone or checking their social media accounts but by asking questions and making sure everything is okay. It is important that staff members also make it clear that social media should be used for the correct purposes and not for anything else inappropriate or anything that can be deemed as bullying. 



Should you have any complaints, please do report this to Eboni Taylor or any member of staff that is present at the time of the workshop.  The Y.A.E team will come together to create a solution to any complaints being made and try to fix the problem. We try our best to meet everyone’s needs so if there are any complaints, we will try our best to improve as a company and to not repeat the same mistake.

Cancellation policy:

In the event of a session having to be cancelled, all parents and young people will be notified via text message and email. It will also be updated on the Facebook page and Instagram page to notify people that the session is cancelled.

If a session is cancelled due to a third-party circumstance e.g.: The weather condition caused a flood in the building, then we cannot offer a refund as that situation is out of our control. If a session is cancelled due to the staff not being able to make it or an issue on our end then you will be fully refunded for the session or you have the option to use it for another session.

Privacy policy:

At Y.A.E all the young people’s personal information is in safe hands, only staff members will have access to their files and information. This is to ensure that all the staff know how to deal with each young person if they have any specific requirements and if they need to call the young person's parents the information is available for them to do so. No young person will have access to this information as it will be in a folder protected by a member of staff.

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