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Q. Where are we based?

A. We are based in East London. Currently in Stratford, all parents will be notified if the venue is going to change 3 weeks prior to the workshop. Keep an eye out on our flyers where the address of the building will always be.


Q. How often do you have classes?

A. We offer drama, dance and music classes during term times and in the school holidays as one-off workshops too.

One to one classes are also available for those who request it, which can be done on the 'book your classes' tab.


Q. Is there a uniform for the young people to wear?

A. There are t-shirts for the young people to wear with the company logo on it that are available to purchase before and after the sessions. The dress code is also available to read on the 'uniform' tab.


Q. How much are the sessions?

A. Each workshop has a different price as it depends on the space and duration of the workshop. E.g: We may have a one-week workshop for four hours a day that is £50 or we may have a workshop that happens every week for a month for two hours a week and that is £30. There is no set price for the workshops however they typically range from £15 a session-£30 a session.


Q. What is the age limit?

A. At the moment, we are doing from 4 years old to 18 but if anyone who is older than that would like to do some one-to-one classes, this is also available if you contact us.


Q. Can we pay on the day?

A. Yes you can pay on the day however we prefer you to pay beforehand for your session or workshop as it secures your space and it avoids disappointment if there are no spaces left.

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