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Youthful Arts Expressions was founded in 2021 by Eboni Taylor. Eboni Taylor is a highly trained and talented performer. She has featured in many performances both on stage and on screen and is also a Childhood and Youth studies undergrad. She has a passion working with young people and has created this performing arts school to spark dreams and to pass down her knowledge to the younger generation. We’re proud of the reputation that Youthful Arts Expressions has gained over the years and it is a place where students and instructors alike can thrive and make the most of their talents. We gladly welcome creative and passionate students from everywhere.

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We run workshops for young people aged between 4-18! However we do one off workshops for those who are 18+. One to one sessions, after school workshops, half term and holiday workshops.


Youthful Arts Expressions is an ideal performing arts club for students to prepare for a career in the industry. The students can develop skills in all areas of performing arts as well as building confidence, having fun, socialising with new people and having the chance to showcase any creative work created in and outside of our sessions. Whether you’re signed up or thinking of applying, continue browsing to find out about our programs, workshops and more. 

Please remember that experience is not necessary here at Y.A.E. What matters most to us is that you have commitment and determination to want to do well.


Here at Youthful Arts Expressions we prioritise in helping your young person gain the confidence they need to conquer everyday life head on. 


We aim to create a strong and caring environment which will allow them to: 


Build their skills

Build their confidence 

Discovering new creative skills

Work on their Stage presence 

How to play a different character 

Bring their own ideas to life

Have a creative outlet 

Have a creative space for them to showcase their work as well

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